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'Disappointingly Slender'
A bad case of law
Affidavit: Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi
Affidavits: what they mean in South African law
Agreement Law

Law 13 of 1859: dealt with the arrival of immigrants into Natal.  In summary, this law stated that only licensed persons could bring immigrants into the Colony.  The Immigration Agent (later the P

An Explanation of the Group Areas Act, 1950

THE OBJECT of this enactment as expressed in its Long Title is to provide for the establishment of group areas, for the control of the acquisition of immovable property and of the occupation of land and premises, and, of course, for matters incidental thereto.....

ANC Youth league consolidated Programme of Action, 2000-2001

Youth Action towards the African Century

Apartheid and the Law
Apartheid laws and regulations: introduced and rescinded
Appeal Court and Emergency Powers
Applicant's founding affidavit

Affidavit of Chief Mhlabanzima Maphumulo, and the Minister of Law and Order, the Commissioner of South African Police and Chief Bangubukhosi Mdluli

Baanings and Political detention press cutings
Background to student activities at Fort Hare
Case of Patrick Molwane Lephunya

Case between Patrick Molwane Lephunya (Applicant) and The State President of the Republic of South Africa (1st Respondent), The Minister of Law and Order (2nd Respondent), The Officer Commanding, Johannesburg Prison (3rd Respondent).Accompanying documents is the applicants Affidavit.

Chronological list of anti Indian legislation in South Africa.

Law 3 of 1885, Transvaal: Prohibition on taking up residence except in segregated areas. Denial of all civic rights,

a) Law passed to amend Act 3 of 1885

Civil Rights News Letter, February 1958
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.10 Issued 18 December 1972
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXII No.3 Issued 3 April 1975
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXV No.4 Issued 8 May 1978


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