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South African Labour Bulletin Volume 11 Number 3 January 1986
South African Labour Bulletin Volume 10 Number 4 January 1985
South African Labour Bulletin

South African Labour Bulletin is a refereed journal which supports the democratic labour movement in South Africa. It is a forum for analysing, debating and recording the aims and activities of this movement.

South Africa's the way forward

THE policy of the Nationalist Government is opposed by most of the people of South Africa and condemned by democratic people throughout the world. Nevertheless, the Government is going ahead at ever-increasing speed to implement that policy.

Solidarity with US workers
Review: Cast in a Racial Mould
Restructuring the labour movement after apartheid
Report of the Treatment of Indians in the Union of South Africa

Report by the Government of India on the Resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 1946

Provocative Scholarship
Programme of action for the ANC

Programme of action for the ANC. Lists upcoming campaigns: Violence, Constituent Assembly, Land and Housing, Building organs of people's power, Gangsterism, Living Wage, Privatisation and Labour Issues. Looks at structure of the campaigns.

Problems of African Labour
Political Economy: 1. What is Exploitation?
Planning their own future in Langa
Participation on the National Manpower Commission (NMC) and similar organisations
Organising women workers in South Africa
Organised labour in East London: Paper presented at National Conference 1982

Organised labour in East London- Paper presented at National Conference on 13 March 1982 discussing labour, trade unions, industrialisation, strikes, detentions.

Nyanga - A Personal Perspective From June, 1982
NUM goes underground
Notes on Theory No 4: Alienation and work
No freedom in this meat Enterprise


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