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Workers rallies launch two new Cosatu regions
Work In Progress Number 6 November 1978
Work In Progress Number 10 November 1979
Work In Progress Issue 12 April 1980
Wiehahn Commission: precis of speech

Precis of speech on the Wiehahn Commission of Inquiry into labour legislation, by Auret van Heerden, President of the National Union of South African Students, delivered at the 56th Annual Congress of the National Union, November 1978.

Where do we stand?: APDUSA and a nation free of race hatred and oppression

APDUSA shows concern in how the Herrenvolk and the Broederbond, and particularly in the Western province, attempts to split-up the Non-Whites into various groups with their own policeman-chiefs.

When the Ovambo Went Home
Wages vs profits - who wins?
Unemployment, `homelands`, and social control
Trial of strength
Transvaal Rural Action Committee: Vigilantes: Paper Presented at National Conference 1986

Transvaal Rural Action Committee: Vigilantes: Paper Presented at National Conference on 14 March 1986 discussing rural violence, forced removals, rent evictions, homelands, protests, vigilantism, tribalism, police violence.

Training Centres for Coloured Cadets
Trade union development in the Transkei: a victory for worker initiative and selforganisation
Tongaat and District Branch. Statement presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

We thank you for the opportunity to place before you this statement from Tongaat and Districts Branch of the Natal Indian Congress....

The Transkei tragedy: continuing a detailed study of effect of the Bantu Authorities Act in the Union`s biggest reserve
The social-cultural analysis of the origins and development of black theology
The social pact in Latin America: advantages for labour


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