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Inside the ANC
Interview on the hospital crisis
Interview with a hunger striker
Interview with Amabutho members

Oral interview with Amabutho which refers collectively to quasi-military formations of township youth who were also often known as "comrades" or "young lions." Mainly active in urban areas, especially in the eastern Cape, most were unemployed school-leavers who supported the United Democratic Fro

Interview with Ambrose Makiwane

Oral interview, conducted at Cala, with Ambrose Makiwane. Makiwane entered Fort Hare in 1955, when he was age 34. His family lacked the means to send him earlier, and he had been expelled from Clarkebury after a student strike.

Interview with Comrade Mzwai Piliso on non-aligned summit in Havana
Interview with four sacked Tidwell workers
Interview with Frank Chikane

Oral interview with Rev Frank Chikane, This interview was conducted just after Rev. Chikane's appointment as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches (SACC). Chikane, age 36, was underground at the time of the interview.

Interview with Herby Govinden

Oral interview with Herby Govinden, on his experiences as a student and lecturer at Fort Hare in the 1950s

Interview with Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri

Oral interview, conducted in Bloemfontein, with Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, on her experiences as a student at Fort Hare in the late 1950s

Interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman

An interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman on economic policies. July 1, 1990.

Interview with John Daniel

Oral interview, conducted in Mbabane, with John Daniel, a student leader at the University of Natal who twice served as president of the National Union of South African Students (1966 and 1968).

Interview with Julius Nyerere

Oral interview with Julius K. Nyerere (1922-1999), the first president of Tanzania (known as Tanganyika until 1964).

Interview with Lebamang John Sebidi

Oral interview, in Johannesburg, with Lebamang John Sebidi, the first Black rector at St Peters Seminary at Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Interview with Lula
Interview with members of the Street Committees

Interview with members of Street Committees. Soweto has 26 townships and 25 of them have established Street Committees and are all functioning well.The interview covers the street meetings, maintanance order and rent boycotts.

Interview with Mike Madlala
Interview with Mr H Molooi

Interview with Mr H Molooi at Chesterville in Durban, South Africa, in which he discusses his acquaintance with Mrs Ngcobo, and his experiences as a labourer at that time. Mrs Ngcobo was the only known, living daughter of Langalibalele Dube, until 1978, when she passed on.

Interview with Mr. Mbongwe

Oral interview with Mr Mbongwe, Senior Clerk, at the Bantu Affairs office. The audio quality of this interview is extremely poor. There is no transcript for this interview.

Interview with Mrs J Dube, wife of the late Dr John Dube



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