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Workers education day
Women workers` movement in the Philippines
Women speak out about Aids
Women and trade unions
What are workers thinking?
We are leading a class struggle to create a new man
Washinton Post broadcast
Viva! Viva!
University of Zululand is not a prison
United Democratic Front: Last Beleaguered Hope

Interview with Azhar Cachalia who is the National Treasurer of the United Democratic Front where he mentioned that they honestly believe that the United Democratic Front must be the last possible hope for a relatively peaceful transformation to democracy in this country

United action is the key
Unemployed workers on the west coast
Typed transcript of interview with Mrs J Dube, wife of the late Dr John Dube


Training medical doctors in traditional medicine
Trade unions and cultural workers
Through the cross: the South African church's painful path to victory

Interview with Frank Chikane as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches

The winds of change?
The way through

Journal article containing an interview with Allan Boesak. Note that large sections of the document are barely legible.

The voice of South Africa's young generation: go underground and organise

New African talks to Tebello Motapanyane, Secretary-General of the banned South African Students Movement.

The views of the chairman of the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions


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