Indian penetration

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Letter to the Mayor of Durban, Mr R Ellis Brown

That having regard to -

The statement as reported in the local press made by his Worship the Mayor of Durban at the meeting of the Durban City Council....

Letter to the Department of the Interior

At a meeting of my Council's Special Committee re Indian Affairs which was held a few days ago, I was directed to inform you that the members of the Committee have reason to believe that the Government's Law Advisor have expressed.....

Letter to the City Council

The President of this Association, Councilor......

Letter to Councillor D G Shepstone

Dear councilor Shepstone

Re: Indian Penetration

I could vaery easily write a book upon my research and ideas in regards to this problem

Letter on the Indian Penetration

With reference to jour letter of the 23rd instant, incorporating copy of the communication of the 22nd idem received from Mr. Councillor A.L.Barns on the above subject, I set out the....

Letter from W T Walker to the Members of the Executive Committee

Owing to stress brought about by an unfortunate investment of the banking of my life savings, I am compelled to again take up employment which necessitates my resignation as Hon.....

Letter from the Secretary for the Interior

Asiatic Penetration.

I beg to refer to provide correspondene on this subject and to the interview which the Hon....

Letter from the Secretary for Interior


Asiatic Penetration.

I have the honour to inform you that City.....

Letter from the Office of the Minister of the Interior and Public Health to the Durban City Council dated 16th January 1940

Dear Mr Mayor,

I wish to confirm my telegram of todays date reading as follows-:

"Understand from Press reports that General Purpose Committee recommend refusal by City Council of suggestion by Department.........

Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to the City Council

Re : Alleged Indian Penetration

We wrote to you on the 23rd ultimo and forwarded certain resolutions and declarations of policy. We have your acknowledgement dated 26th ultimo....

Letter from the Joint Honorary Secretaries of the Natal Indian Organization date 13th July 1942

We make the following observations on the proposals of the Town Council put forward by Councillor D G Sheptone at the meeting of the Lawrence Committee help on the 24th May 1942 when the Minister of the Interior the Hon. H G Lawrence was present with the Comissioner for Asiatic Affairs

Letter from the General Purpose Committee to the Hon. Minister of the Interior

I have the honour to request you to inform the Hon. the Minister of the Interior that at its meeting on the 7th instant my Council had before it the following recommendations from the Committee of the Council's Representation on the Lawrence Committe:-

Letter from the Durban City Council dated 28 Feb 1940

I have been informed by the Honourable the Minister of the Interior that he has deputed you to act for him in regards to the formation and functioning of a Joint Committee to be composed .........

Letter from the Durban City Council

The Town Council is much perturbed at the encroachment of the asiatics into areas which have up

Letter from the City and Water Engineer
Letter from Councilor S M Pettersen

The difficulty of such a course would have. been all the greater seeing that the population by Asiatics of this quart

Judicial Commission on Indian Penetration
Judicial Commission of Indian Penetration
Judgment - Pather vs Rex

The City Council's representatives upon the Joint Committee will observe that there has been included in the agenda of the first meeting, as the second item of the Committee's business, the item "Arrangement of Procedure etc."


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