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Verbatim Minutes: Meeting 27, 28 and 29 April 1977, Cape Town

Minutes of a meeting between representatives of the South African Government and Ambassadors and other representatives from Canada, United States of America, France, United Kingdom and Germany to discuss a negotiated settlement to achieve Namibian independence

"Our mines will continue until mines run by workers
A new start in Africa

The real problems of independence have emerged.

A Portuguese letter
A Profile of Buganda
Africa and Marxism

On regaining independence in 1957, Ghana had a clear class structure, the contradictions in which had to some extent but never entirely been submerged in the conflict against colonialism.

Africa and world peace
Africa's Economic Prospects on the Resumption of Independence
Africa's path in history
Africa: notes on current events
Aid to India

For the past .ten years, January 26th has been observed in India as Independence Day. The great majority of the people of India long for the day when' their land will be completely independent of foreign control.

Algeria and the future of France
Algeria rebuilds
Algerian objectives
Apartheid's bounds increase

Editorial on "Apartheid's bounds increase".

Aspects of the Indian scene
At and after Evian
At last Sierra Leone
Awaiting the Verdict
Bechuanaland and South Africa

Responsibility for the Bechuanaland Protectorate has recently been assumed by the British Colonial Office and in the future the territory is to be developed as a self contained political and economic unit.


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