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The international situation

This address was delivered at the 9th National Conference of the Non-European Movement in Pietermaritzburg, on the 3rd-5th of January, 1962. This paper outlines the anti-colonial struggles of the oppressed around the world.

The Malvinas belong to Argentine! British imperialism out!
The role of capitalism in South African history: First attacks of colonialism on African society
The role of capitalism in South African History: the destruction of tribal society
The South African people will win their freedom: a statement by the central committee of the South African Communist Party
Transcript of speech by I B Tabata

Partially edited transcript of a speech given by I B Tabata at a meeting in London. About the plans of imperialism and a call for action.

Two German States and the new Africa
Why the Soviet Union is imperialistic
Zaire M-L on Zaire


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