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The Fact of African history: an introduction
The fact of African history (II): Islam in West Africa
The extension of the pass laws
The east coast cultures
The Distinction Between Living History and Views About History
The development of the struggle

Paper by Scrape Mtshona on the history of the freedom struggle in South Africa. Includes request for assistance to the Unity Movement.

The dangers of history

The preamble to the primary school syllabus in the Cape Province says that the aim of the course is to give a "general picture of the story of mankind".

The dangers of history

The use of history as a divisive force in inter-human relationships may also lie in the presentation of a particular historical image as an eternal image.

The Contemporary Observer
The conflict - a clash of cultures
The Bent Pine
The attack on the Senate
The A.N.C Resurgence 1976-1981
Thanga Dharmalingam Passive Resister

Women od Passive Resistance

Taking lessons of history

Newspaper article

Sutherland Football Club

Football in South Africa

Straight talk ... There`s a pattern here
Statement of the United Democratic Front General Secretary to the AGM

Statement of the United Democratic Front General Secretary to the AGM of the South African Health Workers Congress held on the 1st of July in Durban.

Soviet African scholarship

Soviet scholars like all Soviet people have always been irreconcilable enemies of colonialism, of any form of racial and national oppression.


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