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Bhambatha - photographs and history
Beyond the Washing of the Spears
Berea soccer team

Berea FC in 1978

Battling with Banality

This article deals with the history of nineteenth-century KwaZulu Natal, in particular the history of the British invasion of Zululand in 1879. While it used to be apartheid which threatened critical South African history, today it is competition and the free market.

Bakers 5 a-side football club

Bakers 5  a-side football club (1937), Muthoo Pillay (President).

Background to student activities at Fort Hare
Back to the land campaign 9/10 March 1991: the re-occupation of Charlestown, Criemen and Roosboom
Azania = Land of the Black people
Avalon Rangers Football Club Seniors. Founded 1950

Avalon Rangers Football Club

Avalon Rangers Football Club Seniors. Founded 1950

Football in South Africa

Attitudes of South African Indians towards Disciplining in the Child-Rearing Process

Discipline as a integral part of the child-rearing process has been neglected in South African social science literature, but its significance as an aspect of the socialization process cannot be ignored.

Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 402
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 376
Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Songs that tell of brave deeds and fierce warriors who through the telling cease to be men and become giants were all part of the education of the temporary playwright,  Tsegaye Gabre Medhin, who's been in London lecturing on a subject dear to his heart - the cultural expressions that he believes

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Davina Dougan speak with Werner Gillon who is an engineer by training and a professional businessman. He is also an enthusiastic collector of African carvings and sculpture and other art forms. He wrote and published a book titled, "A Short History of African Art."  

Armies of the Night
Apartheid, Power and Historical Falsification
Apartheid in Crisis, 1978-1989

From the book A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition Leonard Thompson


CHAPTER 7 Apartheid in Crisis, 1978-1989

Apartheid & GAA, 1982-1985
Anglo-Boer War Articles


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