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NIC and communism NIC and Buthelezi press cuttings 1980 to 1989

Newspaper Articles

Detention of NIC members press cuttings 1980 to 1990

Various press cuttings on the dentention of N.I.C. members

British Consulate Sit-In

Newspaper Aricles

Memo submitted by the SAIC to the Honorable Minister

Memo from SAIC

Petition of the SAIC 1946


SAIC and NIC newsletter


Constitution of the South African Indian Congress

SAIC Constitution

V Chockalingam Pillai correspondence


Natal Indian Congress conference resolution

N.I.C Resolution

Telegram by YC Meer SAIC formation 1946


South African Indian Congress Immigrants regulation bill 1953

Immigrants Regulation Bill

South African Indian Congress - Delegation in New York

Memorandum of the treatment of Indians in South Africa

Joint meeting and declaration by ANC NIC and TIC

The Dadoo-Xuma-Naicker Pact

Press Statement issuded by the President of the South African Indian Congress

SAIC statement

Sundry Correspondence


Report by Mr M.D. Barmania

SAIC Report

Treatment of Indians in South Africa

SAIC - Press Statement

The S.A. Indian Congress

Newspaper article - SAIC

South African Indian Congress 16th session held at The Gandhi Hall Johannesburg, Transvaal

SAIC resolution passed at the 16th session.......

South Indian Congress – Reply of the South African Indian Congress to the memorandum submitted by the Government of the Union of South Africa on subject of the Indian Question document

Reply of the SAIC.....


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