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Articles on SAIC and other political parties in South Africa - 1978-1979
Articles on workers strikes
Arts and Africa

In this edition, the ancient civilization of Zimbabwe goes to London. Dr. Murerwa talks about the history of Great Zimbabwe.

Baanings and Political detention press cutings
Background to Transkei Self-Government
Bantu Education Act, Act No 47 of 1953

The Act was to provide for the transfer of the adminiustration and control of native education from the several provincial administrations to the Government of the Union of South Africa, and for matters incidental thereto

Basutoland in transition
BEE press cuttings
Beware of Kriel's "new" NP

Pamphlet about safety issues and violence published by the ANC for the 1994 elections.

Beyond Apartheid: Race, Transformation and Governance in KwaZulu-Natal Cricket

In February 1990 South African President FW de Klerk unbanned the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Pan African Congress (PAC), allowing these organisations to return to 'normal'and active politics within the country after an absence of almost three

Beyond Local Option: Coercive Co-Option or Democratic Transition?
Biography of Moses Mabokela Chikane

Biography of Moses Mabokela Chikane who was born in 1948 August 14 in area of Groblersdaal first of the family of nine, he was detained under section 28 of the internal security act from the 28 August to September and also detained on 23 April 1985 under section 29 of the internal security act Ju

Black empowerment corporations press cuttings
Black Universities in South Africa

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.

Bloedfontein and Geweerfontein
Bone-throwing at Umbilo
Book review
Budget 2005-6-7-8-9 newspaper cuttings mixed
Budget Speech / Trevor A Manuel


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