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"We of Africa"

Unlike Easterners who are given to meditation or Westerners who have an inquisitive turn of mind we of Africa, belonging neither to the East or to the West, are fundamentally observers, penetrating observers, relying more on intuition than on the process of reasoning.

Child rearing and parent-child relationships

Paper dealing with family relationships in Soweto such as parent-child relationships and how social change or social conditions affect these relationships.

Disobedient Daughters: Debating Culture and Rights in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Disobe High levels of unemployment in South Africa have shifted rural households away from a reliance on male migrant wages and towards a diversity of income-generating strategies.

Education and family life

Description of how poverty and poor family life contribute to poor education

Hindu Religion and the Family

Despite the intrusions by way of education, the secularization process and socio-economic advances, traditional Hinduism over the last century and a quarter in South Africa has retained its subjective conservatism.

Holy family

Holy family

Immorality Act, Act No 23 of 1957

The Act was to consolidate and amend the laws relating to brothels and unlawful carnal intercouse and other acts in relation thereto

Indian Opinion Vol.51 No.38 Sep 1953
Learning From Success Changing Family Patterns and the Generation of Social Work Practice

In different parts of the world there are social workers and other professionals who see their main task in tending those who, in the midst of plenty, have fallen by the wayside. Committed professionals can carry out this work only if they are equipped for it.

Letter from M.D. to Dade

My Dear Dade,

Letter from Nobantu Ndlovu

Letter from Phyllis to a friend.

Letters by Chizmusoka to Phyllis Naidoo

Letters to Phyllis Naidoo from Chirwa

Letters from Kisten Moonsamy to Phyllis

Kisten Moonsamy writes to Phyllis Naidoo from Robben Island.

More Than Buildings Lie in Ruin
Mother of a nation
My grandmother


Newspaper articles on compensation claims made be Steve Biko's family

Biko Family's compensation claims made to the State

Notes on Buthelezi
Phyllis Naidoo's letters to family during 1980

Phyllis Naidoo's letters to family during 1980

Research report

Research report on the study conducted to describe and analyse the effects of labour migration on marriage and family life. The fieldwork on which the study is based was done in Burnshill in the district of Keiskammahoek.


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