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Natal Indian Congress Memorandum 1948


Natal Indian Congress first annual conference


Natal Indian Congress Elections

NIC elections 4 March 1945 curries Fountain sport ground

Natal Indian Congress - First Annual Conference


Namibian Elections - Some Misgivings
Namibia: - The Unilateral December Election, and Prospects for the Future
N.I.C. Memorandum to Prime minister

Natal Indian Congress


In the words of Comrade President O,R. Tambo: "A country, a movement, a people,......

Municipal elections
Municipal elections

An article stating the approach to the municipal elections which was determined by the state of the organisation, the mood of the masses and the strengths and weaknesses of the regime and the campaign against the municipal elections was not the only one facing the mass democratic movement.

Municipal bye-election, Ward 9, Johannesburg, November 18th, 1953
More great participation debates
Minutes of the Third Annual Conference held on the 24th, 25th and 26th June 1949

24th June: 8 p.m. OFFICIAL OPENING: Gandhi Library, 140 Queen Street. Mr J. N. Singh read the opening address of Senator....

Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the N.I.C.

Interview with representatives of the Tongaat.......

Minutes of the Eleventh Annual Provincial Conference - 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 1958

Natal Indian Congress Minutes - 1958

Minority rights in Kenya
Memorandum on the October 26 Municipal Election

Memorandum by Thabo Mbeki on the strategy and tactics of the National Democratic Movement in the aftermath of the 26 October Municipal Elections in South Africa.

Mayibuye: Feb 1991
Mayibuye September 1993
Mayibuye September 1991


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