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American unionists demonstrate against apartheid

During the past several months more American union members than ever before have been involved in demonstrations against South Africa's apartheid system.

Women relive Pretoria march
Defiance: obstinate nation "condemned" to relive the past
New mood in white community
The Pietermaritzburg arrests
We fight on...
The State's emergency - not even tanks and troops can break our spirit
To town, to Eloff, to that exclusive White paradise

Circular urging the people of Johannesburg and surrounding areas to demonstrate against government oppression

Letter from Paul Pretorius, President, NUSAS, to Overseas National Unions and others

General circular letter giving information about the attack by the South African Police on a group of students who were protesting on the steps of St George's Cathedral, Cape Town and the wave of student protests that followed from around the country.

Simonstown Black Sash leads the struggle against the Group Areas
Defiance in action
Rebellion against racialism
Durban explodes
Rights and riots in Natal
Women and passes (II)
The Mafekeng affair
Sharpeville 21 March 1960

Article regarding the Sharpeville 21 March 1960. 5 000 people gathered at the Sharpeville police station near Johannesburg to start the Pan Africanist Congress campaign as a result 69 people lay dead 180 were wounded.

Bloodbath in Uitenhage
A small march with big effect
Weenen labour tenants plan march


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