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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Aggrey Klaaste

The new order is certainly giving us a view of the prison system that most literate people never had before. A social worker on radio said our jails are filled with our brothers and sisters and perhaps we need to be reminded of this as well as we look at the crime and violence in our country.

Notes on Sobukwe
Notes on Moroka
Notes on Ngoyi
Notes on Moroka
Straighten up your shoulders!

Speech to marchers gathered in St George's Cathedral in Cape Town, September 2, 1989, where about 170 women protested against death sentences and detention.

Negotiations, defiance and the Church
Reconciled with evil
The Liberal Party replies
The Congress of the people
Fighting Talk Volume X Number 10 October 1952

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok legion

Defiance: obstinate nation "condemned" to relive the past
No losers in Durban`s battle of the beaches
Editorial comment: Days of battle
30th anniversary of the Defiance Campaign
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