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Viva! Viva!
Editorial: A Mean Act
South Africa and 'The Cubist Sensibility'
Viva! Viva!
The Price of Segregation
The South African Way of Life
Our Traditional Way of Life
Viva! Viva!
Glimpses into South Africa - A Perspective Through Juluka Music
Nit Government to Act Against Summerteurs
The Challenge of Nationalism
Fourth Reich Blues
Viva! Viva!
Iziko lamakrestu lomzansi Afrika: Ifo la ba kreste Afrika Borwa

Programme, in English, for a symposium to be held on 13-14 August 1976 on the theme Encounter of African Religion with Christianity.

Mining poets
New Age Vol.1 No.42 Aug. 1955
Nkosi Sikelele I-Afrika

Since 1997, The South African national anthem has been a hybrid song combining new English lyrics with extracts of the hymn "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika" and the former anthem "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika/The Call of South Africa".

National Anthem of South Africa

Sheet music of the National Anthem of South Africa

Commissions presented at 5th General Students' Council of the South African Student's Organization, St Peters Seminary, Hammanskraal, 14-18 January, 1974

The memorandum contains commissions to assess, among others, the theory of the struggle pertaining to the Black culture, the feasibility of research into education suitable for the struggle of students in Universities, and possible student benefits programmes.


Culture in its various manifestations can be used to liberate Black people and this memorandum discusses the importance of Black poetry, literature, music and fine art


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