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Rixaka, the cultural journal of the African National Congress, was launched to establish a platform allowing full expression of the cultural voice in the national liberation movement.

Violence: An Integral Part of S.A. Culture
Rixaka Number 1 1990
To our reader
Culture and Counter-Culture in South African Schools
The National Cultural Liberation Movement
Report of meeting with HM

Report from H. Makgothi to the African National Congress National Executive Committee on a meeting with Ntatho Motlana, regarding the South African political situation and the South African economy.

Report of CULCOMM to the NEC held at Alan Taylor residence

A report on the promotion of Black arts and cultural activities by the Black Conciousness Movement.

Animal Slaughter is a Rite
Our Traditional Way of Life
The Social and Cultural Issues That Affect the Education for Blacks in South Africa
The Role of Fuba in the Country
Viva! Viva!
Viva! Viva!
African Arts Take the Highroad Away From Western Art
Viva! Viva!
South Africa and 'The Cubist Sensibility'
Editorial: A Mean Act
The Price of Segregation
Viva! Viva!


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