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Letters to the editor
Apartheid is a heresy - a crime against humanity
The call of Islam
To National Church organisations
Protest note to Mocambique

A note from the Chief of the South African Defence Force (SADF) to Mozambique to register protest at planned aggressive actions against the Republic of South Africa from Mozambique territory

Memorandum delivered to De Klerk

Memorandum delivered to President De Klerk by Rev Chikane, Rev Boesak and Archbishop Tutu outlining six points that they felt the South African Government should take to promote negotiation and to dismantle apartheid.

Memorandum: National Working Committee meeting

Memorandum by Comrade Popo Molefe addressing comrades regarding National Working Committee meeting which took place on the 22nd September 1990 in Johannesburg.

Those 30 years
1960: Year of destiny
Liberation and the progressives
My dear Mr. President: Rockefeller writes to Eisenhower
Bantu education: A communication
Letter to the editor: Sword of Damocles over South Africa
Letters to the editor: The need for theory
A letter from R F Botha to Geagte Kollega

Letter from R F Botha to Colleagues regarding discussions between Dr Chester Crocker and Dr Savimbi in Pretoria on the 18th February 1984. (Letter written in Afrikaans)


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