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The Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk

Article discussing the role of the Dutch Reformed Church in effecting social change and justice in South Africa.

The nature of the struggle
The heresy of apartheid

Journal article discussing the role of the Dutch Reformed Church in supporting the South African Government's policy of apartheid.

The Grammer of Intimidation
The declaration to end conscription

Pamphlet of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference explaining its call for an end to conscription.

The Crucifixion Protest
The crisis in the Dutch Reformed churches
The church/state conflict: what has happened?
The Church Struggle in South Africa
The Church of the Province of South Africa

Essay discusses the issues such as the training of Black and White priests, multiracial church services, church schools.

The Church in apartheid society and the need for Christian reconciliation
The church and the struggle for a democratic alternative

Paper presented at the Diakonia workshop held on May 19, 1988, calling for the renewal and transformation of the Church as a site of struggle as part of the national democratic struggle.

The church and the race problem

Pamplet containing a series of articles published in the Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, based on interviews with churchmen on the role of the Church in South Africa

The Christian's political responsibility (or the Christian attitude) to the State
The Christian Institute and Black South Africa

An article dealing with the significance of non-racial organisations like the Christian Institute for Black South Africans

The challenge of Black Theology to the present S.A.

Lecture delivered by Rev M. Ngakane, Deputy General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches in Benoni on March 6, in 1976 about the challenge of Black theology in a South African situation

The Case Against The Defence Further Amendment Bill
The Black Church and liberation
Text of telex received from Rev Frank Chikane

Telex from Rev Frank Chikane, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches to the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, October 9, 1987 about the South African Council of Churches position on sanctions.

SWA Update: 11 May 1989

Report to the Director General with an update on Cuban troop withdrawal from Namibia, the security situation, internal politics and the position of the Church in Namibia.


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