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Nairobi Assembly

Journal article containing a report back about the meeting of the All African Conference of Churches (AACC) in Nairobi.

Negotiations, defiance and the Church
Nobel Lecture

Bishop Tutu's Nobel lecture delivered in Oslo, Norway, on 11 December 1984 and his acceptance of the award speech on the 10th December 1984.

On unity and people's war
On unity and people`s war
Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of Diakonia on March 25, 1980

Article containing a paper delivered by Archbishop Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, at the annual meeting of Diakonia on 25 March 1980 on population removals and the urban church.


Phakamani, meaning "stand up", reflecting the call to stand up and join the democratic forces inside South Africa and abroad to oppose the legality of the South African Government, was published by the ANC Department of Religious Affairs in Zambia.

Popular religiosity: A liberative resource and a terrain of struggle
Priests, protests and politics

This article discusses the role of clergy in the church in South Africa and the application of Christian principles to the political and social spheres within a context of apartheid in South Africa

Pro Veritate

Pro Veritate, a Christian monthly journal, reflects a theological point of view towards the ideologies of the ruling National Party.

Religion and the struggle against apartheid

Paper on religion and the struggle against apartheid, prepared for an African National Congress seminar which provides a brief history of the ANC, examines the role of the church, and challenges the church to participate in the struggle for liberation.

Report on a Consultation of representatives of SACC member churches on racism and change in South Africa

Pamphlet on a Consultation of representatives of SACC member churches, held at the Koinonia Conference Centre, Johannesburg,10-12 May 1982 for a follow up to the consultation on racism held in February 1980.

Resolutions of the Eight National Conference of the South African Council of Churches, July 27-29, 1976

Resolutions of the South African Council of Churches, discussed at the Eighth National Conference, which includes the call for detainees to be charged or released, the right for students to non-violent protest and the rejection of the oppressive system of the South African Government.

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism (1969-1979).

Review since last Conference

The letter from Desmond Tutu to SACC regarding the review of the conference about the death of Steve Biko. Also asking the authority to institute the judicial inquiry into Steve's death.

Roman Catholic Bishops on the blasphemy of apartheid
SACC decision challenged

Pamphlet about the comparison between responses made to calls for sanctions against Argentina and South Africa. Note that large sections of the text are barely legible

Sermon delivered on the 16th June 1986, South African Youth Day at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka, Zambia


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