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Banned Beyers' car hit again
Be not overcome by evil

Journal article containing the response of the South African Council of Churches to the Eloff Commission

Black Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church: statement on apartheid

Pamphlet containing a statement by Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church on their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with the Word of God.

Book review
Book review
Call for Christians to act now
Calvinism in South Africa

In South Africa, the ruling Nationalist section of the white people have advanced many arguments in support of their claim to govern.

Challenge to the Church
Challenge to the church: a theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa

Pamphlet about theological comments on the political crisis in South Africa. It consists of a critique of State theology, critique of Church theology, prophetic theology and a challenge to action.

Challenge to the churches: report of a consultation on the church and the liberation of Southern Africa, held at Mindolo, Kitwe, Zambia

Report of a consultation held at Mindolo, Zambia on November 25-30 1979, to discuss the role of the church in the struggle for liberation and includes papers on the prevailing situation in South Africa, the independence of the Transkei, Namibia,the role of students and the role of the Black Consc

Challenges on the future of the African youth in the church today: the peace challenge to South Africa
Chapter six: Black consciousness
Christian liberty at stake
Christians and the path of revolution.
Church and media symposium in Zimbabwe
Church and state in South Africa
Church of the Province of South Africa
Church service in support of restrictees

Programme for a church service in support of restrictees. It covers the purpose of the service and announcements, presentation and introduction of restrictees, and national anthem.

Churches and Change
Commission for Justice and Reconciliation: economic measures against apartheid and the challenge to the church

Pamphlet of the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation regarding economic measures such as sanctions, trade embargoes and disinvestment against apartheid and the challenge to the church


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