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The meaning of music
Dladla asks for black unions
Recognise black trade unions - Chief Gatsha tells the bosses
Self-help: new developments

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Message from the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) to the Workers` Summit held on 26 August 1989
Draft position paper on the ideologies of Pan Africanism and Black Consciousness as they have developed in occupied Azania (ie South Africa)
"African" vs "Black"
Black consciousness and the class struggle
The definition of Black Consciousness
White racism and Black consciousness
Wrong to focus on the whites
Peace needs more blacks
Relations worsen but all`s not lost
Letter from Reg to Oliver Tambo

Letter from Reg (September) to Oliver Tambo regarding the organisation of Black minority groups within the African National Congress.

Letter from Neville Curtis, President, NUSAS, to SRC Presidents and National Executive

General circular letter from the President of the National Union of Students, Neville Curtis, quoting from a letter from C.D.T.

Letter from Paul Pretorius, President, NUSAS, to SRC Presidents and others

Circular letter from Paul Pretorius, President of the National Union of South African Students with Information sheet number 1/1972 dealing with The South African Students Organization (SASO).

The Black students' message to their beloved parents

This circular, written by the Soweto Students Representative Council, condemns the Black education system and the conditions of migrant labourers living in hostels.

Black politics in disarray


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