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Why Kill a Black Medical School?
More News From S.W.A.
A Rose by Any Other Name
Medical Education for Africans in South Africa
Colourful Jungles
Twelve Million Outlaws
Semicon, 30 August, 1974 to 2 September 1974 at St. Peter's Seminary, Hammanskraal

The programme for a semicon to be held 30 August, 1974 to 2 September 1974 at St. Peter's Seminary, Hammanskraal

Students Representative Council: Press release

This press release is a statement of rejection, by the Black youth of Azania, of the concept of Bantu homelands

Single men's hostels, Cape Town

Photograph showing two men sitting in one of the single men's hostels, Cape Town.

Single men's hostels, part of the Cape Town housing schemes

Photograph showing a group of men sitting in one of the men's hostels common room, part of Cape Town's housing scheme.

New public housing schemes in Zwelitsha, near King Williams Town

Photograph showing a teacher, his wife and children outside their new house in Zwelitsha near King Williams Town.

Photographs of houses in the New Brighton Native Village

Photographs of houses in various stages of construction in New Brighton African Village.

Local Organisation:fact paper

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organizing ability of its leaders. This paper maps out a guide toward effective leadership amongst the Black community particularly in the home situation.

Nyanga east men's hostel: the condition of migrant workers

Pamphlet about the Nyanga East Men's Hostel Association and their struggle for better living conditions

Pass Laws and Influx Control

Pamphlet regarding Pass Laws and Influx Control and the negative effect these laws have on the African people. The laws are considered to be discriminatory, unjust and dehumising.

Minutes of meeting held to discuss the critical housing shortage in Grahamstown's townships

Extract from Minutes of a meeting held by Black Sash to discuss housing problems in Grahamstown's Coloured and Black residential townships

Facts 2: Covering The Wages Commissions: how they started

Fact sheet giving information about the origin, purpose and activities of the Wages Commissions which had been established on the five campuses affiliated to the National Union of South African Students.

Black Consciousness and the role of the Black woman

Discussion on the meaningful role of the Black woman within the Black Consciousness Movement in the struggle for national liberation.

Verwoerd's grim plot
Editorial: We've got to get rid of the Nats!


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