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Black Community Programmes: Year report 1972

The goals of the Black community programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, to help the Black community create a sense of its own power; to enable the Black community to organise itself, to analyse its own needs and problems and to revitalise its resources to mee

Black Community Programmes Limited: Projects and people

A pamphlet containing photographs from projects of the Black Community Programmes.The goals of the Black Community Programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, create a sense of empowerment and to revitalise resources to meet its own needs

Black Community Programmes Limited: 1976 Report

Annual Report of the Black Community Programmes

Black Community Programmes

This document contains suggestions for action for the Sprocas Black Community Programmes which were presented for discussion at the Sprocas Co-ordinating Group in September 1971 in Johannesburg. The contents represent a rationale for the Black Community Programmes ie.

Biko lives
Biko day: 11th September
Biko - the man
B P C Organisation

A memorandum presented by Mosibudi Mangena at a meeting of the NEC and Chairmen of BPC Branches, held in Braamfontein, on 9 June 1973, outlining the organisational structure of the Black Peoples Convention.

AZAPO on the march
Anglo-American influences on the Black conciousness movement

It was said by minions of the racist oppressive giant in South Africa that Black Conciousness was nothing but an importation of American Black power. African-Americanism was not only a struggle for power, but it was also a search for identity and the resugence of its cultural values.

Afro-American influences on the Black Conciousness Movement

This paper gives an overview of the relationship and differences between Black Consciousness and the civil rights struggle by African Americans

A White reaction to Black viewpoint

This journal article deals with the emergence of Black nationalism and the reaction of White (largely Afrikaner) Christians

A Challenge to Liberal Orthodoxes
White racism and Black conciousness

The paper discusses the totality of White power in South Africa and Black Consciousness

The new policy of the USA towards South Africa: the Black Conciousness Movement's view

An article written by the Black People's Convention in response to the invitation to have talks with Mr Andrew Young the Unites States Ambassador to the United Nations, reflecting on the United States "new" foreign policy towards South Africa.

The future society as seen by the Black People's convention

The first of a number of articles dealing with a kind of society that BPC envisages. This particular article scans the total policy outlook, at the heart of which is a reminder that we are striving for the attainment of an open society.

Letter from the Secretary of SASO to the President of NUSAS

The letter contains a notification of a resolution passed at the SASO Conference held in Durban on 4 to 10 July 1970 which effectively withdraws SASO's recognition of NUSAS as a true national student union.

Letter from Steve Biko to SRC Presidents

Letter to student and other organisations outlining the historical background, structure and policy of the South African Students' Organisation (SASO)

Letter from Steve Biko to Colin Collins, regarding arrangements for a SASO and UCM Conference.

The letter, including a handwritten postscript, provides details of transport arrangements for a South African Students Organisation (SASO) and a United Christian Movement (UCM) Conference.

Letter from Neville Curtis to Steve Biko

The letter is an exchange of thoughts on the activities of both organisations and a discussion on possible co-operation between NUSAS and SASO.


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