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White racism and Black consciousness
We Blacks
Understanding SASO: introduction to Formation School

This SASO memorandum sets out the path for students to follow in their quest for national liberation, for discussion at the SASO Formation School, Edendale, 1971. This memorandum lacks an introduction.

Turfloop Testimony - A Comment
Tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention

A tribute to the late Mthuli ka Shezi, Vice-President of the Black People's Convention, after his assassination, with a call for solidarity in the liberation struggle.

Through the cross: the South African church's painful path to victory

Interview with Frank Chikane as General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches

The rise of Black nationalism
The repugnant elements in the Western Culture

The use of White religion and politics to keep Blacks under the supression of the Nationalist government is questioned. It also suggests that the social atmosphere of the Black family setting has been destroyed by a capitalist society.

The poverty of Africanism
The pipe-dream shattered
The mood of black South Africa
The meaning of Black Consciousness in the struggle for liberation

The meaning and definition of Black Consciousness in South Africa is discussed as well as the challenge of developing community projects. The formation of SASO (South African Students Organisation) and the impact of Black Consciousness on politics in South Africa are also discussed.

The Institute of Black Studies
The history of the Black man's struggle for liberation in South Africa and the role of Black Consciousness

This paper, possibly prepared for the inaugral conference of the Institute of Black Studies, Wilgespruit, 13-18 July 1976, traces the history of the political development of South Africa from the first Dutch settlements, British colonisation, the formation of the African Native National Congress

The definition of Black Consciousness
The contemporary Black Movement as it has developed from its forerunners

The discussion revolves around the the gap in student activism between the fifties and the seventies and the widening gap between Black and White students with an increase in the rise of Black nationalism

The Black Worker's Project: A proposal

There is a universal understanding for workers to negotiate in one voice, yet Blacks were refused membership to Trade unions.The complexity of the race situation in South Africa enhanced this gap between the White and BlacK worker.

The Black Peoples Convention

The article discusses the development of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) and The Black Peoples Convention and their contribution to the political struggle in South Africa.

The Black People's Convention (BPC) - South Africa: historical background and basic documents

The report contains historical background of the founding of the Black People's Convention, principles and aims of the BPC, the constitution, national and international relations and BPC viewpoints on education, land, human rights, farming, law etc

The Black Conciousness Movement, Black People's Convention: External Office

One of the major decisions taken by the BPC was the establishment of an external office .This became necessary because of the growing number of exiles belonging to the Black People's Convention.


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