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The South African Students Organisation: in detention for their country

This SASO memorandum contains the names and brief profiles of eight Black leaders banned for a five year period.

Directive on the nature of the forthcoming conference

Directive from Oliver Tambo, Acting President of the African National Congress, on the forthcoming Morogoro Conference. Provides brief overview of the previous two conferences held since the banning of the ANC in 1960.

An open letter to students

Open letter following increasing governmental pressures on student organisations and bannings of individual students.

Unlawful Organizations Act, Act No 34 of 1960

The Act was to empower the Governor-General, with a view to the safety of the public or the maintenance of public order, by proclamation in the Gazette to declare the Pan Africanist Congress and the African National Congress and certain other organizations to be unlawful organizations, to amend t

Extract from the report of the General Secretary, Bishop Desmond Tutu to the SACC Annual National Conference 1979 July

Extract from the report of General Secretary, Bishop Desmond Tutu to the South African Council of Churches' Annual National Conference regarding detention without trial, banning orders, restoration of rule of law and free democracy in the Ministry of Justice.

Statement by the Acting General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches...

Journal article containing the statement by the Acting General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, John Rees and other church leaders on the decision of the Transkeian Government to ban the Methodist Church and other Statements.


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