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Permits for Indian Occupation of Dwellings

We have the honour to inform you that the attention of this Committee has been directed to a report to the effect that application are being made to the authorities.....

Licensing, Regulation and Control of Occupation of Dwellings

To make provision for the licensing, regulation and control of the occupation for residential purposes of dwelling by persons of certain racial groups in boroughs and townships.....

List of Licences Granted for the Year 1945

Vol 71 File 527 N 2716

Number of Licences Granted for the year 1945

Letter to the Hon. Col. C P Stallard

I have during the last few days received several communications from the Prime Minister in London in connection with the legislation bearing on the Asiatic question which is to be dealt with in the Natal Provincial Council

ACT TO Amend the laws relating to occupation and acquisition of land in the Province of the Transvaal by Asiatics and Coloured persons and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

BE IT ENACTED by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate and the House of Assembly of the Union of South Africa, as follows-:


Areas Reservation and Immigration and Registration (Further Provision) Bill, 1925.

Commerce, Immigrants regulations, Mr Gandhi, Asiatics, Areas Reservation

Memorandum to Durban City Council's Deputation to interview his Honour the Administration and the the Hon. the Minister of the Interior

From time to time in the past the Council has given its attention to the question of Indian Penetration in Durban. During October 1939, public interest was sharply focussed on the question. On 24th October 1939 the Hon. the Minister of the Interior......


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