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The M I D S. Newsletter (12/04/1957) -Vol. 4 No. 1

New Letter of the Methodist Government Aided Indian School

The Mythology of Apartheid: Historical Consciousness in a racially satisfied Society

I apologize for the personal form of this document. It was drafted as an application for a research fellowship. Since then, I have been too preoccupied with work on the Lamar-Thompson book on The Frontier in History........

The New African towards a Non-Racial South Africa - Volume 2 No 19


The place of Education in the struggle for freedom
The Politics of Religious Education in South Africa
The Progressive Federal Party (PFP) APR 1981 TO 1984

The Progressive Party (Afrikaans: Progressiewe Party) was a liberal party in South Africa which, during apartheid, was considered the left wing of the all-white parliament.

The real fight is for our rights
The Reconstruction and Development Programme: A View from Business

Welcome elements
The RDP contains much that must be welcomed. Its very production is a positive step. Few political movements participating in lhe elections can have put on the table so comprehensive and detailed a document.

The riot police and suppression of truth

This is a memorandum prepared for members of parliament about the riot police and suppression of truth.

The role of media under Apartheid
The role of Parliament and Parliamentary Opposition

ANC paper that outlines the organisation's view of the apartheid era Tricameral Parliament.

The S.A. Indian Congress

Newspaper article - SAIC

The socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system

ANC paper on the socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system, prepared for the regional and national preparatory committees. Covers the enemy's strategy for survival, the total strategy and its application, and how to out-manoeuvre the enemy.

The Talks that descend into hell
The Theory of Apartheid: Nationalist Racial Policy in the Union of South Africa
The United Democratic Front and the Changing Politics of Opposition in Natal, 1983-85
TimeLine South Africa
Trade licences-1925/1926

Trade Licences issued through the Inland Revenue Department

Treatment of Indians in South Africa

SAIC - Press Statement

Tri Cameral Parliamentary elections 1994 cuttings


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