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Draft regional political programme

Draft regional political programme for Lusaka.

Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy for National Conference

Draft Resolution on ANC Economic Policy, finalised at a National Workshop held by the Department of Economic Policy, 11-12 May 1991, for discussion within the ANC.

Draft resolution on strategy and tactics

African National Congress draft resolution on strategy and tactics, agreed at the ANC National Conference in Durban, 2-6 July, 1991.

Draft resolution: Commission on Development, ANC National Conference, Durban, July, 1991

Draft resolution of the Commission on Development at the African National Congress National Conference in Durban, 2-6 July, 1991. Defines development, examines a developmental approach and engaging with progressive development actors.

Draft theses on current situation

Paper by Tito Mboweni on a new political situation which is emerging in South Africa after F W de Klerk's 2nd February speech. Says the situation calls for decisive steps to be taken by the African National Congress.

Economic restructuring in post-apartheid South Africa: the role of local government rural and urban development

Discussion paper prepared for a seminar between the African National Congress Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions and the Economic Trends Group in Harare, 28 April to 1 May 1990.


Editorial on Weapons of transformation and In memoriam.

Editorial comment: A proud moment for all
Editorial comment: method in the butchery
Editorial comment: The dynamo of the struggle
Editorial notes: Arthur Letele
Editorial notes: Hitting back
Editorial: Challenges ahead for ANC and govt
Editorial: Disquieting Secrecy
Editorial: Drunk with power
Editorial: Freedom marches nearer!
Editorial: Pre-Emptive Strikes


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