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Crossing the Rubicon - together
Cultural considerations for a democratic South African Constitution

Paper produced by the ANC Department of Arts and Culture from an in-house seminar on Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa, held in Lusaka, Zambia.

Curnick Ndlovu

Curnick Ndlovu , South African Congress of Trade Unions , African National Congress , National Regional Command of uMkhonto we Sizwe , South African Railways and Harbour Union,

Daai geld, daai geld, daai baie geld!

Pamphlet produced by the African National Congress for the 1994 elections. Title translated into English reads, That Money, that money, that large amount of money!

Dakar delegation - the new Voortrekkers
Dakar Dialogue
Dakar: ANC and Afrikaners in dialogue
Dakar: Talking about culture
Danger Point

The official policy of the African National Congress was one of non-violence.

Death in Boipatong
Declaration of the African National Congress (SA) Executive Committee, Morogoro, 17 - 20 March 1975

Declaration of the ANC National Executive Committee in Morogoro, 17-20 March 1975. Calls for the mobilisation of all forces in Africa and world-wide against apartheid.

Democracy for beginners: a guide to consultative conferences
Directive on the nature of the forthcoming conference

Directive from Oliver Tambo, Acting President of the African National Congress, on the forthcoming Morogoro Conference. Provides brief overview of the previous two conferences held since the banning of the ANC in 1960.

Disgusting behaviour of ANC-CP over Soweto
Documents of the exile
Dr Nelson Mandela
Draft letter from the African National Congress to Pope John Paul II

Draft, annotated letter from the African National Congress to Pope John Paul II informing him of the 70th anniversary of the formation of the organisation.

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.


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