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ANC in second round of talks
ANC Interim Constitutional Framework

Document outlining the African National Congress Interim Constitutional Framework, adopted by the National Executive Committee for the period of re-establishment leading up to the holding of a national conference.

ANC International Solidarity Conference, Arusha, 1-4 December 1987: Message

Message delivered by Teodata Hunguana, Minister of Information, People's Republic of Mozambique, at the African National Congress International Solidarity Conference in Arusha, 1-4 December 1987.

ANC land and rural policy

Notes on the African National Congress land and rural policy as spelt out in the Freedom Charter and the Road to South African Freedom.

ANC leaders face up to violence in Natal
ANC leaders speak: release rally

A rally held by the African National Congress in October 1989 where various leaders such as Walter Sisulu, Cyril Ramaphosa and Murphy Morobe addressed the public as well as entertainment by various artists.

ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa

South Africa declares that the elimanation of apartheid and the creation of a truly just and democratic South Africa requires a constitution based on various principles eg. state, franchise, national identity etc.

ANC lines up a new constitution for South Africa
ANC National Conference Durban - 2 July 1991
ANC National Conference, July 1991, Durban: Adopted resolution MK

Resolution regarding the Umkhonto we Sizwe at the African National Congress Conference in Durban, July 2-6, 1991. Resolves that it will remain in active struggle until the adoption of a democratic constitution.

ANC National Conference, July 1991: Notes for commission on violence

Notes for Commission on Violence for the African National Congress National Conference in Durban, July 1991. Examines the State strategy, unity and diversity in the ruling class, conditions for violence and its forms, strengths and weaknesses of the state.

ANC Organogram

Organogram of the African National Congress National Executive.

ANC Policy
ANC Policy: Racial Harmony

Policy statement by the African National Congress (ANC), prepared by Defense attorneys for guidance of Counsel in State vs Mandela and others in the trial known as the Rivonia Trial.

ANC riglyne verdien ons aandag (Article written in Afrikaans)
ANC Seems Disastrously Incapable of Learning From Others' Mistakes
ANC speaks on 82nd anniversary
ANC statement at Lisbon Conference

Statement of the African National Congress at a 1977 conference of the African Liberation Movement. Statement covers the South African liberation movement and the nature of the South African struggle.

ANC Strategising Group on CODESA

Minutes of a meeting of the African National Congress Strategising Group on CODESA.

ANC three sentenced to death in Pretoria trial


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