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Wooden carved spoon  with a medium sized handle that ha triangular incisions at the tip.It came from Nkandla in KwaZulu- Natal.


Long wooden carved spoon, made out of dark wood and delicately designed handle with a fancy incision in the middle. It came from Nkandla in

"Zulu War Dance"

"Zulu War Dance"

Entertaining M.C.C. 1928.

' A Farm'

Watercolor scene of a farm.

' A Horse'

Wtercolor scene of a brown horse.

' Negro House at Siera Leone'

Black and white scene  of a house in Siera Leone with human figures around.

' Springbok'

Color scene of a Springbok on a leap.

' The House of God: Island of Huaheine

Black and white scene of The House of God at the Island of Huaheune.

'A Mameluke on a horseback'

Black and white portrait of a Mamuleke on horseback with a Bedouin Arab Soldier.

'Arabs C Moors ou Camels'

Black and white scene of Arabs riding Camels.

'Caves of the Guanclies'

Black and white scene of the Caves of Guanclies in the Isle of Teveriff.

'Dress of the female inhabitats'

Black and white scene of European women showing off their couture.

'Malay Old Man: Cape Town'

Watercolor portrait of Malay old man in Cape Town.

'Malay: Cape Town'(B)

Watercolor portrait of a Malay Man in Cape Town.

'Nagai Tartars'

Black and white portrait of a King and his wives.

'Oecoume des Hottentots ou Caffers'

Black and white abstract of Hottentots involved in a fight.

'Springboks Grazing'

Colored scene of a number of Springboks grazing on the field.


Watercolor abstract of plants in Dick King's garden in his house at Isiphongo in KwaZulu- Natal.


Watercolor abstract of Dick King's other house called Umzimbithi at Isiphingo in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Usbec Tartars'

Black and white scene of two Royal figured on a journey.


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