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'Suplices de people de Guinee'

Black and white scene of men fighting with another being slain.

'Fort Napier: Pietermaritzburg'

Pencil scene of African man and women with horses in the background in Pietermaritzburg.

' A God sent Eland'

Pencil scene of tents and human figures camping near the river, with Eland passing by.

'The Black Rhinoceros'

Pencil scene of the Black Rhinoceros being surrounded by hunters in horses.

Views in Natal:Umkomaas

Watercolor scene of the Umkomaas River.

Views of Natal: 1853

Watercolor scene of Natal in 1853.

Views in Natal: Velge River outpan, Aug 19 1851

Mixed media view of Natal with a scene of flat topped hill and river in 1851.

Gladiolus Cardinals

Linocut abstract of Gladiolus Flowers.

Researching and working with boys in Southern Africa in the context of HIV/AIDS – a radical approach

In many western countries, in recent years, boys have been much criticised for being antiintellectual, emotionally illiterate, uncommunicative, antisocial and delinquent – characteristics that have been identified as marking them out as different from girls. (see eg.

The Left in the slum : the rise of a shack dwellers’ movement in Durban, South Africa

On 9 November 1993 the African National Congress issued a press statement condemning the “housing crisis in South Africa” as “a matter which falls squarely at the door of the National Party regime and its surrogates”.

Uneducating South Africa : the failure to address the need for human capital - a - 1910 - 1993

This paper presents some detailed historical time series on the South African schooling system since union in 19 10. As such it represents an exercise that to our knowledge has not been undertaken before, with the

Indian Life and Labour in Natal

Shelley. In dite course, he became a successful teacher who also gave lectures inaccounting, commerce and mercantile law at the Indian Technical Institute in Durban. His academic distinctions included a teacher's certificate, a Diploma in Commerce and two …

Studies in indian employment in Natal

IN THE MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY the young Colony of Natal was faced with a shortage of suitable labour. The European settlers were too few to meet the requirements of the colony's development and in any case were unsuited to do much of the necessary work.

Warrior and drummer

Warrior and drummer

face with heads

Face with heads


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