Natal Indian Congress

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Memorandum on Epilepsy, Deafness, Blindness and similar Physical Defects submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Gentlemen, 'The Terms of Reference' of your Commission affirm that your enquiry apart from other factors is to enquire into and report upon:-

Memorandum on Indian Education in Natal

The Natal Indian Congress, the National Organisation of the Indian People.....

Memorandum on Public Health

The Indian population in the municipal area of Durban, according to census figures of 1936, was 80,486, being one-third of the City. Including the added areas the Indian population is at present estimated at 92,183....

Memorandum presented by the Stanger and District Branch

Re: Natal Indian Judicial Commission.

We enclose herewith copy of Memorandum presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by our Branch of Congress

Memorandum Submitted by the N.I.C. - 8 to 10 Feb 1946

N.I.C. documents

Memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Congress to JC Smuts

Natal Indian Congress memorandum

Memorandum submitted by the NIC to JC Smuts no. 23 and 26 1944
Memorandum Submitted by the NIC to Marshal JC Smuts


Memorandum submitted to JC Smuts

N.I.C. memorandum

Memorandum submitted to the Department of Education

Joint Committee representing Durban Inidan Municipal Employess Society.....

Memorandum submitted to the Indian Doctors in Durban

Owing to the serious decline in the health of the Indian Population in Natal it has been decided by the Indian Medical practitioners of Durban to appear before you and to submit a Report on the present Health condition prevalent.....

Memorandum to the Town Clerk - Indian Penetration

Attached is a first draft of a memorandum to the members of the deputation which the Council has appointed to interview the Administrator and the Minister on this Subject.

Memorandum to the Town Clerk. Asiatic Penetration : Proposed Judicial Commission

On my return from Capetown today I arranged and held a meeting with the City Valuator and Estate Manager......

Memorandun submitted to the Group Areas Board

Proposals for Areas in central Durban........

Memos to Mr G H Calpin on Social Services

Soial Services

Minutes and reports of the A.N.C., N.I.C. and T.I.C.
  • Minutes of the Natal Indian Congress Meeting of the Executive dated 25 March 1947
  • Report of Joimt meeting between the ANC NIC and TIC dated 23 March 1947


Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 11th February 1947

N.I.C. miutes dated iith February 1947

Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 18th and 25th February 1947

Minutes of the N.I.C. dated 18th and 25th February 1947

Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 4th March 1947

Minutes of the N.I.C. - 4th March 1947

Minutes of a Meeting of the Executive Committee of the N.I.C. dated 7th January 1947

Minutes of N.I.C. meeting....

Sydenham Expropriation, Report from Aid to China Sub-Committee.....


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