Natal Indian Congress

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Resolution on the Merger between the Natal Indian Congress and the Natal Indian Association

Resolution document

Resolution passed at the Annual Provincial Conference held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 1958

Natal Indian Congress - Annual Conference

Resolutions passed at the 11th Annual Provincial Conference held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 1958

Resolutions passed at Annual conference - N.I.C.

Secretarial Report of the Natal Indian Congress

N.I.C. Report

Secretary report submitted on the 26 March 1976

N.I.C. Report

South African Indian Council Emergency conference held on 5th and 6th October 1930

Emergency conference


The Natal Indian Congress feels it incumbent upon itself to comment upon the telegram from the Hon.

Statement on the alleged question of Indian penetration

The N.I.C. with a copy of the Trade and Occupation of Land....

Statement on the alleged question of the penetration to the Hon. The Minister of the Interior by The Natal Indian Congress with a copy of the Trading & Occupation of Land (Transvaal and Natal) Restriction Bill

To all men of Goodwill this carefully reasoned statement is unanswerable. Whenever in the history of South Africa....

Statement prepared by the Natal Indian Congress to the Education Inquiry Commission

The Chairman and members of the Education Inquiry Commission.....

Statement presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Re: Falkirk Dispute.

Herewith copy of the resolution passed by the workers yesterday and copy of my letter to Mr. Fyfe. Both speak for themselves, will you please help to get the matter closed......

Statement submitted by NIC 1943

Committee appointed by the Department of the Prime Minister and of the External Affair.....

Statement submitted by the Natal Indian Congress s representing the Indian Community of Natal to the Indian Education Inquiry Committee appointed by Provincial Council of Natal to inquire into the report upon the questions of education of Indian children

The Chairman and members of the Education Enquiry Committee......

Statements and letters submitted by the Natal Indian Congress to Honorable Minister of Finance
Summary of the Commission Report on Education

Summary of N.I.C. Conference

Sundry Correspondence


Sundry correspondence 1947
  • Report dated 11th January 1947 - Meeting between Congress Representatives and Members of the Executive of the African Tenants and Peasants Association.
  • Letter dated 12th April 1947 - Grants for Indian Schools
  • Letter dated 8th December 1947 - Re: Amenties Sub Committee

N.I.C. Documents

The Deputation from the Natal Indian Congress

Waited on the Prime Minister in his room. The Prime Minister received the Deputation at 11am. There were present beside the Prime Minister: Senator C F Clarkson, Minister of .......

The Implications of the Group Areas Act for Indian Education being a paper by Dr S Coopan



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