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Indian emmigration papers
Cato Manor

Cato Manor:  Human Rights Day, 1959

Cato Manor

Cato Manor:  Women's Rights Day

Cato Manor

"Raincoat" slum, top portion, March 1958

Cato Manor

Driehoek Section, Cato Manor, January 1961

Cato Manor

Removal of the last family and the demolition of the last shack at Cato Manor, 31 August 1964

Cato Manor

  Cato Manor shacks being cleared, November 1960

Cato Manor

Cato Manor "Jeepcoat" area. Awaiting transport to KwaMashu, May 1961

Cato Manor

Cato Manor "raincoat" slum clearance, March 1958

Cato Manor

Cato Manor 'raincoat" slum clearance, March 1958.

Mahatma Gandhi as a barrister of law in South Africa

Gandhi went to india in 1896 to promote the South African Indian cause, to recruit Indian barristers to assist in the Indian rights movement in Natal, and to relocate ...

Mahatma on a peace mission in Noakholi area - crossing bamboo bridge.

Mahatma Gandhi camped in Noakhali for four months and toured the district in a mission to restore peace and communal harmony. However, the peace mission ...

Mahatma with political prisoners at Dum Dum jail

Mahatma Gandhi with political prisoners at Dum Dum Central Jail Calcutta Kolkata West Bengal India December 1945

Gandhi at a prayer meeting at Peshawar

Gandhi at Peshawar meeting.jpg, Gandhi at Peshawar meeting with Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Gandhi Fast

Mahatma Gandhi during his 21 days fast in Delhi, 1924, as a penance for communal disturbances all over India.

Mahatma Gandhi collecting funds for Harijans

Mahatma Gandhi, collecting donations for the Harijan Fund during his train journey to Bengal, Assam and South India.

Gandhiji leading a batch of 78 volunteers to the sea - coast to break the salt law, 1930

Passive Resistance

Thambi Naidoo addressing a crowd of over 6000 people at the "Durban Indian Football Ground" during 1913 Passive Resistance Campaign.

Passive Resisters

Phoenix Settlement, Durban

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