Grossert J.W.

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Ndebele beadwork

Ndebele beadwork. Emarentia, 11.10.1962

Ndebele beadwork. Adult work, Middleburg

Ndebele beadwork. Adult work, Middleburg, 13.9.1961

Ndebele beadwork

Ndebele beadwork, 4.5.1960

Ndebele beadwork

Ndebele beadwork, 4.5.1960

Ndebele sticks and broom. Adult work, Middleburg.

Ndebele  sticks and broom. Adult work, Middleburg, 13.9.1962

Carved horn animal. possible Hlabisa or Tsongwe, Zululand

Carved horn animal. Possibly Hlabise or Tsongwe, Zululand, 8.6.1961

Carved horn serviette ring, uMsinga Show

Carved horn birds and servitte ring. uMsinga Show, 4.8.1960

Carved horn figure.

Carved horn figure (either Hlabisa or Tsongwe in Zululand), 8.6.1961

Carved horn spoon

Carved horn spoon

Carved horn spoons. Zululand

Carved horn spoon. Zululand, 8.6.1961 (either Hlabisa or Tsongwe)

Ndebele home

Ndebele home Hebron 12.7.1962

Group of Ndebele houses Hebron

Group of Ndebele houses Hebron 12.7.1962. Interior of Chief;s room

House of Johannes Mahosheni

House of Johannes Mahosheni, box 9 Grootvlei, TVL. A Zulu who was brought up and born in district. 22.5.1962

Tswana home Duggan-Cronnin Museum Kimberly

Tswana home Duggan-Cronnin Bantu Museum Kimberly

Ndebele home

Ndebele home. Riet Vlei Dam, 13.10.1961, interior of dinning room and side wall of passage

Ndebele home

Ndebele home. Reit Vlei Dam, 13.10.1961

Ndebele home

Ndebele home, Vlei Dam 13.10.1961

Ndebele home

Ndebele home. Reit Vlei Dam 13.10.1961

Basuto home

Basuto home. Reitz-Steyn 27.7.1961

Travel as inspector for Art in Black schools

Travel as inspector for art in black schools GG 17010 Hammanskraal Makapastad Road 22.2.1959


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