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Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Man
Old Couple
Old couple
Nelson Mandela Receiving the Freedom of the Town of Tongaat 21 October 1994
Mrs Unpoon Hurbans greets Nelson Mandela on his 90th Birthday

90th Birthday Celebration of Nelson Mandela

Mr and Mrs N Solliar

Sirdar at Spitzkop Sugar Estate

Moonsamys Grandmother

Moonsamy's Grandmother

Hurbans and Kassie Families

Families from Tongaat

Gopalall Hurbans

Gopallal Hurbans was a sugar cane farmer and vice-president of the Natal Indian Congress. He was also the chairman of the Natal Vigilance Committee which protested against the Group Areas Act.

ANC Election Campaign Addressed by Mr Vali Moosa

THE Tongaat 1860 Legacy Foundation began its celebrations in April ... displayed foods that were eaten by Indentured Indians 150 years ago.

Andhra Maha Float Celebration

Andhra Maha Float Celebration

Andra Maha celebrations

Float celebration in Tongaat

Floats Andhra Celebration in Tongaat

Float Celebration in Tongaat

Troika homes

Troika has built and soldsome forty houses in the Tongaat area. Former caneland near  Fairbreeze has been transformed into a beautiful, modern township. More such townships are to follow.....

Troika home

After services such as roads and sewerage were laid on, building plots were sold to members of the public.


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