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AZASO Emergency day 9

As 100 000 people gathered for the funeral of UDF's Mathew Goniwe.....

Inkatha reformed traditions revived
IFP Press Cuttings
IFP Press Cuttings
Voice of the Youth - Soweto 76
The launch of Indigo magazine
SASA KZN branch annual report 1995
IFP: Party Snippits, Jan 2000

The lnkatha Freedom Party and the African National Congress stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder at the Peace memorial.....

IFP Amanqampunqampu eqembu party snippets

India’s republic day address by Mangosuthu Buthelezi


National Party - 1990
ANC IFP call to rehabilitate

Tension, intolerance, hostilities and hatred characterise political and human relations between
the ANC and the IPF, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal but also in the rest of the country.

The Beginning of the Peoples' Power

Between the period of apartheid rule and the creation of a people's republic in South Africa, lies the period of bitter struggle between the oppressor and the people, which will be won in each area by the destruction of the enemy's organs of administration and the setting up of revolutionary peop

Indicator South Africa – Index Vol. 1 - 6

'Indicator SA has achieved an enviable reputation for skilled, in-depth research ... its . impartiality and accuracy are acknowledged. Indicator occupies a unique position in the ~ . information supply in our rapidly-changing society.'

Democracy Watch No 16, 2002

THE Democracy for All (DFA) programme, launched by t.he Centre for Socio-legal Studies (CSLS) in 1993, is.....

Democracy Watch

THE Democracy for All (DFA) programme, launched by t he Centre for Socio-legal Studies (CSLS) in 1993, is a national educational project which aims to provide eill South Africans with a pract ical . understanding of democratic principles e1nd practice. People from around the

Currents - Vol 9 No 2

According to the terms of the 1994 amendment to Section 29 of the Correctional Services Act, children are meant_ to be distinguished from adults, and as a result

The Zululand Explorer

There are few places in Africa that rival the diversity of experiences and adventu on offer to the 'Explorer' in Zululand......

The Institution of Black Research Survey

Negotiations and Change - An Opinion Poll of 3725

Young woman in Traditional Indian Dress

Tradional Indian Culture

University Staff soccer club

University of Durban-Westville staff soccer team


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