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Report on the passing of the proposed Occupation Draft Ordinance

Mr Mitchell. May I commence this evening by particularly thanking the organizers of this meeting...

Report on Durban Housing

Further to my letter of the 22nd September, I have now completed a summary of my Report of Durban Housing.....

Report of the Treatment of Indians in the Union of South Africa

Report by the Government of India on the Resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 1946

Report of the Second Indian Penetration (Durban) Commission
Report of the General Purpose Committee

Minutes of the City Council.....

Report of General Purpose Committee

Report of General Purpose Committee, Meeting Held 25th April 1944.

1. Natal Indian Commission

The City at its meeting on the 11th April 1944 arising out of the report..

Report of delegation to the United Executive meeting of South Africa

Motor Vehicle insurance Bill - Copies of this bill were handed to delegates and a special committee appointed to examine the Bill and to submit recommendations.....

Report from Mercury. Indian Penetration - Deputation. Advisory Committee

Asiatic affairs Advisory Committee. 

Probable membership

Reply to questionnaire of the members of the Durban Chamber of Commerce
Record pf proceedings at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive

Delgates assembled by kind invitation in the City Council Chamber...

Record of the proceedings at the December Quarterly meeting of the Executive at Pietermaritzburg

Vol 37. File No 174(14) N2250

Mr Buchan said this was a peculiar state of affairs. All Towns had been asked to stay their hands, and yet there was to be a two years wait. There was much confusion resulting from this state and he formally moved:,

Record of the first Quarterly meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association thirty-fifth year

The Mayor of Pietermaritzburg Cr. F. J. Lewis extended a welcome to the delegates on behalf of the City Council.....

Record of Proceedings at the June Quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

The President indicated that apologies for unavoidable absence had been tendered on behalf of Newcastle, Glencore, Stanger and Westville......

Record of Proceedings at the first Quarterly meeting(1940-1941)
Record of Proceedings at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive

Mr Allison felt the proposal was sound and pointed out the ready manner in which....

Record of Proceedings at the Final meeting of the Executive

Delegates assembled,by kind invitation in the General Committee Roam, in the Durban Municipal Buildings, and..

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

Record of Proceedings at the April quarterly Meeting of the Executive Committee

The President said the Agenda would be somewhat upset as the Administrator was to attend and address the meeting on the subject....

Record of meeting of the sub-committee appointed to consider the question of Asiatic Penetration in Urban areas

Asiatic Penetration Question

A resume of the replies received from the various Boroughs in regard to the extent to which their areas are affected having been circulated...

Re: ex parte Mason - Deletion of Restrictive Conditions from Titles

In this matter Mr Justice Broome today delivered a lengthy reserved judgment......


Proposed Round Table Discussion

I refer to your letter of 27th February 1946, 1n this connection. I am under the impression that, in view of the changed situation which the Asiatic Land Tenure ond Indian Representation Act, 1946...


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