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Extract from the minutes of the Council

That the recommendations of the General Purposes Committee contained in Section 5 of the Report (Lot 256, Block AK, Town Lands: Application to Court for deletion of certain restrictive conditions) be and they are hereby adopted. (The Mayor dissenting).

Extracts from the Broome Commission Report : 1941
Extracts from the Minutes of the City Council meeting

As is already known to the City Council, the Natal Indian Judicial Commission has been appointed by the Union Government with the following terms of reference:

F N Broome. Esq, K.C., M.C. Chairman - Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Sir, At a meeting of the Commission held on the 3rd November 1944 the Indian situation as it had then developed was discussed by the Commission.....

F N Broome: Not the whole truth Indian Penetration. Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Soon after it was appointed the Government decided to deal with the situation at once without waiting for the Commissions report. The reason for this step was to a great extent the Pegging Act's overseas repressions


First Memorandum and Schedules and Final statements and Schedules of the Natal Indian Congress submitted to The Hon. Justice F N Broome, K.C., M.C.,
First Quarterly meeting of Executive Committee : 1939 - 1940

Establishment of the Native(Rural) reserves in relation to the Locality of the urban areas......

Freedom - New Series Vol 1 No 8 Special 194 Conference Issue
From India to Natal - Parts I, II, III Trek
Further Memorandum submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by the Natal University Students Union

In our earlier memorandum we dealt we dealt as thoroughly as available material permitted us to do with matters intimately connected with our existence and activities...

General Purpose Committee - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

That an urgent request be made for a deputation from the Durban City Council to be accorded...

Graph of Total rateable Value for properties acquired by Indians From 1927 to 1942
Hofmeyr Papers 1935 to 1948 - General Correspondence

Hofmeyr Papers 1935 to 1948  Box A1/Aa

India and South Africa Press cuttings

Newspaper cuttings on India and  SA relations

Indian Opinion Souvenir of the South African Indian Congress

South African Indian Congress

Indian Penetration

On 6th November 1942 the Council appointed a deputation consisting of His Worship....

Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration : Memorandum by E R Browne


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