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Beyond the nation? Colour and class in South African cricket

This chapter takes a critical look at cricket's journey since those heady days. It considers the twists and turns, the pitfalls and gains that have occurred along the way.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M.D. Naidoo on the 2nd October

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M.D. Naidoo

THE BEARDS" VERSUS THE "BARD'S" AMONG INDIAN MUSLIMS IN SOUTH AFRICA: A 21st Century Story of Travelling Cartoons and Protests

This paper examines Indian Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa, with particular respect to the inclination by non-Muslims to view Muslims as a

"A man of keen perceptive faculties" : Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, an "Arab" in Colonial Natal, circa 1872-1887

Indians arrived in South Africa in two streams. Between 1860 and 1911, a total of 152 184 indentured labourers were introduced into colonial Natal mainly to work on the sugar plantations, though some were employed in other sectors of the economy. This initial flow …


Scene of African women planting vegetables in the garden, cattle graze on field nearby and homestead in the background.

"Blackspots" removals: what apartheid is doing to 400 000 people in Natal
"From Sky to Earth"

Landscape abstract

"Goals Beyond"

Goals Beyond

"I lose my way and have to sleep in the open air" - 1844

A man loses track of his way and had to sleep in the open air with two horses and two dogs, 1844

"Isikhala Sikathisha"

"Isikhala Sikathisha" Scene of a rural village, school, people and huts.

"Koma 2"

Koma 2

"Lala Kahle Mfowethu"

"Lala kahle mfowethu" - Scene of a crowd of mourners in church, rural village. 

"Lost in the Stars' Act II: Scene 5
"Nhlalwane - Where my wife was born" - Gerard Bhengu

"Nhlalwane - Where my wife was born" - Gerard Bhengu

"Olwa Mabhaca"

"Olwa Mabhaca"

"Shaka" After Angas

"Shaka" After George. F.  Angas

"The Bursting Bonds"

The Bursting Bonds - Figure with hands in chains 

"The dead survivor"

"The dead survivor"

"The Return of The Peaceful"

Scene of a man rising from the grave with Jesus in the sky and alcoholics going to Sipho's tavern. 

"The Testing Ground of the World"


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