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National convention delegates

 National convention delegates at marianhill monastery

New Town Hall opened 1901

Sepia print 19.9 x 15.4cm

Norwegian Settlers

 Norwegian settlers unidentified

Officers of the Irish Brigade Ladysmith and Officiren van de lersche Afdeling

Sepia print 19.9 x 15cm

Old Pietermaritzburg. Looking from Church Street out to Mountain Rise

Black and white print 20.3 x 15 cm

Old Railway Station (1880's). Present station built in 1892. Natal Railways - JFE Barnes Collection verso Old Pmb Station. New station used from 10 September 1982

Sepia print 19.9 x 11.7cm

Opening of the first Natal Paliament, 18th October 1893, by Sir Walter Hely Hutchinson. Sir Robinson is seen standing with His Excellency

Sepia print 24.1 x 17.4cm

Opening of the first Natal Parliament, 19 October 1893

Black and white print 22.6 x 17.5cm

Opening of the Legislative Assembly, 1898

Black and white print 23.2 x 19.5cm

Our Carriage, Pietermaritzburg, Natal

Sepia print 8.8 x 6cm

Our readers write: Various newspaper articles from The Natal Witness on Peter Brown
Oxenham Bakery, Commercial Road

Black and white print 12.6 x 8.9cm

Park Bridge, Pietermaritzburg, about 1865. West Street and Fort Napier in background

Sepia print, hand coloured 15.3 x 19.2cm

Pavillion Alexandra Park, PM Burg

Sepia print 20.5 x 15.2cm

Photo by J H Murray. Ladysmith Day. 28th February, 1900. View of Church Street, Pietermaritzburg, taken from Town Hall

Black and white print 20 x 15.3cm

Photograph - Pietermaritzburg

Colour print

Photograph - Pietermaritzburg

Sepia print 16 x 10.4

Photograph - Pietermaritzburg

Black and white print 20.9 x 15.9

Photograph of a drawing of the post office building. New General Post and Telegraph offices, Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg

Sepia print 20.1 x 14.9cm

Photograph of a Lithograph by Day and Son Lithographers to the Queen

Black and white print 25.4 x 15.5cm


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