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Disobedient Daughters: Debating Culture and Rights in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Disobe High levels of unemployment in South Africa have shifted rural households away from a reliance on male migrant wages and towards a diversity of income-generating strategies.

Doucument from the United Nations

Document from the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs

Dr Arthur Dawson Lazarus Doyen of Indian Education

A man of rare parts and unique ability Dr. Arthur Dawson Lazarus was the eldest son of Mr. Dossen Lazarus of Dannhauser. He was born in Durban on 14 January, 1903. During his early life he was faced with numerous difficulties.

Dr Neil Agget - Family and Friends - Press cuttings

Press cuttings of the family and friends of Dr Neil Agget

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Inquest on the Death - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Newspaper cuttings

Dr Neil Agget - Press cuttings. Death in Detention

Death in Detention

Dr Neil Agget - Protest and Work Stoppage - Pres Cuttings

Protest and Work Stoppage - newspaper cuttings

Easter greeting card

Easter greeting card

Education and Apartheid

Islamic Council of South Africa

Eli Weinberg biography

Eli Weinberg biography


The Indian community, at this time, is going through a period of rapid social change. While social change is inevitable in a dynamic society, it does not necessarily result in social progress.

Employment Opportunities for University Trained Indians

Manpower surveys are common in many countries but differ widely in approach and scope depending upo  particular needs.

Exploring the foundations of an Islamic identity in a global context : a study of the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity

This thesis primarily deals with the nature and origins of Cape Muslim identity.

Factory and Family: lndian Factory Workers in Durban

Introduction 1 should start by clarifying the theme on which I will speak, namely Indian women's attitudes towards their jobs and their perceptions of how their jobs affect their family lives.

Family Functioning in the South African lndian Community

Mental Health professionals working in the field of family therapy usually hold an implicit if not explicit view of the characteristics of the normal family, which underlies their assessment of the families which enter therapy.

Family letters - Phyllis Naidoo and Sahdhan

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Sahdhan

Festive season letters - Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis Naidoo writes to family and friends during the Festive season

Fictional constructions of Grey Street by selected South African Indian writers.

This thesis explores the fictional constructions of Grey Street by selected South
African Indian writers to establish a deeper understanding of the connection between
writers, place and identity in the South African Indian context. The concepts of 'place'

Fitting the word into action an ethnographic Journey into theatre

The INDIC THEATRE MONOGRAPH SERIES is an attempt to publish material on theatre performances and related areas tJ)at have their roots in the South African Indian experience.


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