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HS Done in Scout Masters Uniform 1951

Dimensions - 1276 x 1936

HS Done on holiday in the Cape 1920s

1757 x 1055

HS Done on Tour

1583 x 928

HS Done seated in the Second row second from right

1674 x 1292

HS Done Staff 1930s

1864 x 1288

HS Done with Agent General S Kurma Reddi

Dimension - 1489 x 876

HS Done with family 1951

Dimension - 1409 x 1014

HS Done with Kistensamy

1402 x 1782

HS Done with pupils

Dimension - 1435 x 924

HS Done with Pupils at Stella Hill Govt Aided Indian School 1910

1759 x 1004

HS Done with son Pathmanathan 1936

Dimension - 940 x 1592

Human Rights Commission Declaration on Apartheid

Human Rights Commission Declaration on Apartheid

Identity and Belonging in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Case of Indian South Africans

This paper examines Indian identities in the post-apartheid period, focusing in particular on the vexed issues of identity and belonging.

Identity and Indianness: Reading and Writing Ethnic Discourses

 Identity And Indianness:  Reading And Writing Ethnic Discourses


Image from the Surendra Bhana Collection - Old Woman in White Sarie
Images from the TWA Ambassador - July 1979

Images from the TWA Ambassador - July 1979

In April 1958 the ANC organised a one day strike to protest against the whites only elections. Chief Luthuli addressed a meeting in Cape Town & appealed for support from the white audience. With him on the platform are (Left to Right), Annie Silinga (Lead

ANC, one day strike, protest, whites only elections, Chief Luthuli, Cape Town, white audience, Annie Silinga


In the end it was academic: Responses to the establishment of the University College for Indians

It will be wrong to advise an Indian father or a prospective student what choice he should make. Each person must accept the responsibility for his own decision, since whatever decisions he makes there will be sacrifices.

In the Shadow of the Shah the Indic contribution to our developing South African Culture

The INDIC THEATRE MONOGRAPH SERIES is an attempt topublish material on theatre performances and related areas that have their roots in the South African Indian experience.

Inanda Seminary 1950-1980 - educating a nation

lnanda Seminary is a private boarding school for black girls situated in the hills of lnanda. It is unique in that it is the only private protestant school of this nature in South Africa.


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