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Extract from the minutes of Geneal Purpose Committee

The mayor informed the Committee that he had been approached by the Minister of the Interior to permit the Town Clerk's Legal Assistant to proceed......


Extract from the minutes of the Council

That the recommendations of the General Purposes Committee contained in Section 5 of the Report (Lot 256, Block AK, Town Lands: Application to Court for deletion of certain restrictive conditions) be and they are hereby adopted. (The Mayor dissenting).

Extracts from the Broome Commission Report : 1941
Extracts from the Minutes of the City Council meeting

As is already known to the City Council, the Natal Indian Judicial Commission has been appointed by the Union Government with the following terms of reference:

F N Broome. Esq, K.C., M.C. Chairman - Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Sir, At a meeting of the Commission held on the 3rd November 1944 the Indian situation as it had then developed was discussed by the Commission.....

F N Broome: Not the whole truth Indian Penetration. Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Soon after it was appointed the Government decided to deal with the situation at once without waiting for the Commissions report. The reason for this step was to a great extent the Pegging Act's overseas repressions


Factory and Family: lndian Factory Workers in Durban

Introduction 1 should start by clarifying the theme on which I will speak, namely Indian women's attitudes towards their jobs and their perceptions of how their jobs affect their family lives.

Facts of Life in South Africa

Facts of Life in South Africa

Letter to the UNO....

Facts which must be faced

Newspaper articles relating to Group Areas Act - Daily News Special Representation

Family and Friends of HS Done in 1925

1378 x 2042

Family Functioning in the South African lndian Community

Mental Health professionals working in the field of family therapy usually hold an implicit if not explicit view of the characteristics of the normal family, which underlies their assessment of the families which enter therapy.

Family letters - Phyllis Naidoo and Sahdhan

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Sahdhan

Family photo

Dimension 1698 x 2413

Family Photo. Third Generation of Bhikari Family

Dimensions 1967 x 2353

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Fantastic Bird
Fantastic Bird
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Fantastic Fish


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