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Sharon Lowen and Sharon Weiner
Sharon Lowen and Sharon Weiner
Sharkles Presentation of Certificate

Red Cross Presentation

Shaik Abdul with a shield

Shield presented to a student at Sastri College

Seventh session, Seventh council - 1877

THE following, statement of Receipts and Payment~ of the Indian Immigration Trust Board of Natal
from 1st July, 1876 to 30th ,June, 1877, laid upon the table of the House hy direction of .....

Seventeenth Annual report Indian Immigration Trust Board of Natal

Seventeenth Annual report Indian Immigration Trust Board of Natal

Service Contract Certificate
Senior debating team of Sastri College

Group photograph of the debating team at Sastri College

Semiological Analysis Hindu Symbols Indian Adverts

Based on semiotic theories this study critically analyses the intercultural significance of Hindu symbols which are used in the "visual language" of Indian advertisements.

Selections from the Smuts papers

Selections from the Smuts papers.

Vol VI Dec 1934 - Aug - 1945

Vol VII Aug 1945 - Oct 1950

Segregation of Indians in South Africa. Swami Bhawani Dayal's interview to the 'National Call' of Delhi.

The present demand by certain Europeans for the segregation of the Indian Community is no new development in the party politics of South Africa. A similar agitation which has been raised in the country in an intense form during the years 1918 and 1920

Secretary of the State.

Minute paper.

Secretary of the State.

Introduction of Indian Immigrant


Secretarial Circular - Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging

The first item for discussion on the Agenda at next Friday's meeting of the Executive is the Draft....

Secretarial Circular

Indian penetration, Towns, urban Centre, reconstruction commission, Radical racial zones, European, Non-european, contiguous local authorities, land expropriation commission, water supply authority,

Second Special Report of Finance Committee

Second Special Report of Finance Committee 

Second session, Eighth Council - 1879

Protector of the Indian Immigration

Second Session of the Tenth Council. Administrators speech on the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

As I stated yesterday, it is my intention at a later stage to move that this Draft Ordinance should be referred....

Second Report of General purposes Committee

The City Council on 23m June, 1944, authorized that Standing Counsel (Mr. Advocate F. R. Shaw, K.C.).....

Second Quarterly meeting of the Executive Committee 1939-1940

The proposal is : That the Executive Committee give consideration to an amendment of the Boroughs Ordinance in the following terms, with power at act to wit :-

Second Indian Penetration Commission. Proceedings resumed on Thursday....


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