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Student of Sastri College

Sastri College Student

Student Passive Resistance Council 1946
Student working on a painting

Student at Springfield College of Education woring on  painting

Students and teachers infront of wreck classrooms

Indian Education System

Students in a oral lesson at the School for the deaf

Oral lesson in session

Students in the lab at Sastri College

Lesson in a laboratpry at Sastri College

Students playing a word day

Students playing a word board game in school

Students' Views on Contemporary Perceptions of Zulu History

In contemporary south Africa the question of the role of the Zulu is the subject of tremendous interest and controversy internationally and nationally. This interest is reflected in a large number of academic works, many of which have the Zulu organization, Inkatha, as their theme.....

Studies in indian employment in Natal

IN THE MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY the young Colony of Natal was faced with a shortage of suitable labour. The European settlers were too few to meet the requirements of the colony's development and in any case were unsuited to do much of the necessary work.

Subiman Mahomed Nana (Contact photos) (Black & White
Suggested Grant in Aid for registration of Anti-Asiatic Clause upon certain Corporation Housing Schemes

We note that the Applicant Associations application is stated to be based on paragraph XIII of Sub-section....


Suggested Solutions for the Durban situation - 1943

For the past hundred years there has been in force in South Africa legislation deferentially affecting the various racial groups now comprised within the Union of South Africa.


The Group Areas Act is largely based on the principles of the existing legislation, but goes beyond those principles in some respects. Firstly, it extends the principle of exclusive racial areas so as to provide for exclusively European areas.

Sunday 18th May, 1986

Letter written to Mam Phyllis

Sunday School teacher with children
Sunny Venkatruthnam, D Govindsamy, guest and Kiru Naidoo at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Sunny Venketrathnam Biograhies and Newspaper cutting

Sunny Venketrathnam

Supplement to Indian Opinion

There is no doubt that our deputation to India have rendered yeoman services to our cause.

Supplement to the treatment of Indians in South Africa recent developments

Supplement to the treatment of Indians in South Africa recent developments.

The following statements brings the position regarding treatment of Indians in South Africa and the denial of fundamental freedom and human rights to non-European peoples up to date


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