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Tshonga woman with baby. Tshongwe 11.6.1959

Tsonga women with baby

Two Tsonga girls. Itshongwe 11.6.1959

Two Tsonga girls

Group of Tsonga women. Tshongwe 11.6.1959

Group of Tsonga women

Tsonga woman. Ingwavuma 10.6.1959

Tsonga woman

Swazi girls. Ingwavuma 10.6.1959

Swazi girls

Swazi man. Ingwavuma 10.5.1959

Swazi man

Tsonga girls with jams in garden. Bantu life. crops

Tsonga girls with jams in garden

Xhosa at Shawbury 8.4.1960

Xhosa at Shawbury

Xhosa at McKay's neck 2.10.1959

Xhosa at McKay's Neck

Xhosa beadwork. engwati training college 8.5.1961

Xhosa beadwork

Xhosa beadwork Bensonval L.P 19.6.1960

Xhosa beadwork

bomvama shawl and Xhosa tobacco pouches 4.4.1960

Bomvama shawl and Xhosa tobacco pouches 4.4.1960

Children Saving Each Other

Wooden sculpture made from Umthombothi tree, oiled and polished by Raphael Magwaza from Eshowe in 1980

Mpondo beadwork

KCAV 1863, 1869-70 Mpono beadwork.KCAV 1868 Umtata Exhibition. KCAV 1869 Port St Johns. KCAV1870 Mpundisweni Training School.

Xhosa and Mpondo pipes

 KCAV 1871, 1875-6Xhosa and Pondo pipes. Umtata

Xhosa beadwork

KCAV 1872-4 1877 Xhosa beadwork . Umtata

POndo shawi

KCAV 1866-7 Mpondo shawi9blue) with beadwork. umtata.Umtata exhibition.

Basutho brideface mask

KCAV 1863 Basuto bride (initiate) face mask. Sringfontein.

Hlubi children

KCAV 1864-5 Hlubi (Natal sothu) children

Beadwork. Nongoma show, 17.6.1959

Beadwork. Nongoma Show, 17.6.1959


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